What was I thinking?

imageOkay, so I must be a little crazy. (No surprise there!) I’m looking at my newly acquired Filofax for January (printing my inserts deserves it’s own blog post!!!)…and realized I may have been a little ambitious with registering for classes this month. But – there’s SO MUCH GOOD going on out there. I just can’t help myself – and I’m looking forward to each one. Here’s what’s on my dance card:

One Little Word 2015 This is a year-long community with inspirational new content coming from Ali Edwards each month. I cannot recommend her classes enough – she’s so authentic in her presentation, making it such a delight to participate. OLW asks you to pick a word to focus on for the entire year. Each month, Ali gives us new prompts with ways to incorporate that word and keep it present in our daily routine. It’s a mixture of art, reflection and journaling – and I am so looking forward to participating again this year. My word is “true”. I plan to  document my progress in 2015 here and my first post will explain the reason why I chose this word and what I hope to get out of keeping it top of mind in the year to come.

Sparkle It’s being led by Shanna Noel. ‘Nough said. Talk about inspiration – this lady is one of my all-time faves. Her classes are always filled with inspiration and she puts so much of her time into the class – you truly feel like she’s participating right along side you. And, I don’t know about you – but when I take a workshop online, I really appreciate it when the instrctor(s) are active throughout the class and take the time to answer questions, comment on galleries and conversations in the message board. And, Shanna rocks that. Plus: her designs are jaw dropping! Plus: the class is all about glitter and sparkle and…well, YUM! Can’t wait! The class officially starts next week but I may have to get some Zing! out this weekend in anticipation…

Move More, Eat Well by Cathy Zielske over at Big Picture Classes. I have not taken classes with Cathy before – but I can tell ya: I’m blown away by the pre-class content she had loaded prior to the start of class. She gave us all the layered PS files for every day/week – and even had tutorials for people who wanted to change their color scheme and didn’t know how to do it. I’ve not taken many classes with THIS MUCH editable content in well…forever. I’m pretty impressed by it (can you tell?) – and the designs are super cute. What I’m excited for most: the Facebook community and taking it with a local peep (we’ll keep each other honest). While the content (with daily emails/videos from Cathy, who keeps it pretty real) is just a month long, the community is open all year and there are enough printables to keep you on track for the remaining 11 months. Very cool.

Day by Day Bundle over at Studio Calico. They really get me. Every. Time. I’ve taken the SC Project Life class for the last two years. They decided to shake it up a bit in 2015 with 5 different classes offered throughout the year – each with a different focus. January’s class is “Project Shots” – which, in theory will make me a better photographer. Since, let’s face it: I’m pretty boring when it comes to my photos {read: fairly close up shots, subject pretty much dead center…and lighting?? Meh.) I’m looking forward to some tips, tricks and inspiration. I have only one way to go and that’s up.

And if that weren’t enough…! I’m contemplating Photo|365 (beth-adilly may have pushed me over the edge) and the Document Life Project through a facebook community hosted by the folks over at The Art5 Academy I’ve joined their community and am cautiously optimistic that I can play along. The concept is Art Journal based – and they offer techniques/challenges each week to get you off the couch and in the craft room. I’ve never really been able to get into art journaling – but I love what others do. So, I’m going to go along for the ride and hopefully learn some new stuff along the way. From what I have seen from the instructors – they’re pretty fun and don’t mind getting silly – just my kind of folks.

Okay, so I’m tired just proof reading this post. 🙂 But, I am also energized and so, so ready to begin. What’s on your hit parade for 2015? Will I see you in any of these online communities? Whatever you adventures – I hope it’s fun and full of awesome inspiration. Let’s do this!



  1. Amy says:

    You talk about how these big names inspire you…and I want you to know how much you inspire me. You are pretty darn amazing in your own right. You true-ly are a powerhouse!

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