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2015 Weekly Planning Pages

Hello there,

I can’t believe that 2014 is coming to an end. Where DOES the time go? I am preparing for 2015 and a new year for Project Life. New to Project Life? You can check it all out here on Becky Higgins’ site.

This will be my third year – and I’m planning to change it up a bit. I am going to use the handbook size available at Studio Calico. This summer they introduced the Brighton Pier collection – and this album made me swoon. When they came back in stock (they flew off the shelves!) I snagged three to use in 2015. I hope that’s all I will need – because they are sold out once again!

P16711838I think the handbook size will allow me the time to keep current AND be able to create some traditional layouts. As I work full time and have a pretty active pre-teen, my crafty time is limited…and having done PL for the last two years, I’ve done very little in the traditional layout space. There’s just very little time left over after keeping up with my weekly spreads.

To help me organize, I have created a weekly planner for the last two years and have offered it as a free printable here on my blog (you can grab the 2015 version here.) It gives you a monthly calendar and weekly planning pages, complete with a blank layout at the top (I’ll have to change this up a bit for my new handbook format) and as well as room for notes/design ideas. I added a touch of color to the cover, but per the several requests I’ve received, I’ve kept the internal pages black and white for easy printing.

LEFTPAGE15-01Last year, Crystal Roy over at A Crafty Island Girl blog, found the planner and used it in her filofax — and explained that she printed it to fit the A5 size. I’m super inspired by her and what she does with a planner (who knew a whole world existed around artsy planners? … Well, um…actually a TON of people…just not me!) and I’ve have put a planner on my holiday wish list (I’ve been good this year, so fingers crossed!). The color on the cover of my planner? That hopefully matches the kikki planner on my wish list (see how I did that?!?!?!?!) I hope to follow in Crystal’s footsteps and put my 2015 planner into a larger organizer that I will use for more than just PL.

At any rate: for those of you like me, already looking ahead to the year to come – I hope you find this planner useful! Have an awesome holiday season. Thanks for stopping by!




Project Life Journal – freebie

Sample pages from my 2014 Project Life Journal/Calendar/Planner

Download file: 2014 PL Workbook printable

Hey there and welcome!

With 2014 rapidly coming to an end, I’m looking to next year and thinking about what I’d do differently with my Project Life. One thing is my weekly journaling/calendar keeping.

I started Project Life last  year and created my own version of a calendar/journal to help keep me on track. While I loved what I created, I didn’t have the experience to make ALL the right choices. So, with a year under my belt, I redesigned my workbook. I have a few girlfriends who saw it at the last crop I went to – and they went crazy for it.  Feel free to download for personal use – and share the link to my page with others you may think might enjoy this .pdf!

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. A monthly calendar view – starting on Monday
    So, let me just say that last year, I designed my calendar to start on Sundays – even though I knew was going to do PL starting on Mondays. Looking at my week on a calendar and seeing Sunday at the start – ALWAYS threw me for a loop – LOL – call me a dork, but I couldn’t wrap my head around where that day was supposed to go! So, this year, I just designed my calendar to start on a Monday.
  2. The week listed on the calendar
    Another “duh” moment – I didn’t include the week on my calendar last year and ALL YEAR LONG I wondered “What week is it??” I’d find a photo on my husband’s Facebook page or my daughter’s Instagram and have to count weeks to figure out where it should go…NO MORE! Hopefully I counted the weeks correctly 🙂 – and all the time I will save not counting on my fingers can be better spent playing with my kits!
  3. Blank weekly worksheets with spots for journaling, design notes and a blank sketch of your 12×12 pages help you plan your layout.
    Last year, I put Design A on every page – and realized after the fact, that I wish I had just left it blank, as I enjoyed mixing it up a little with the page protectors. In 2014, I can easily draw in the grid for whichever page protector I’m using. Last year, I also gave each week a 2-page spread in my planner – which ended up being HUGE :). This year, I condensed each week to 1 page – and am confident that will be enough space.

You can print this file and 3-hole punch it – which I did last year – or you can spiral bind it – which think I may do this year to make it a bit smaller.

Hope you ENJOY this journal/planner/workbook- and good luck in 2014.